Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tim Announces Bid for Reelection

I hope that you and your family had an enjoyable and restful holiday season, and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! With a New Year comes new decisions, and I would like to announce that I plan to run for reelection as a member of the Westborough Board of Selectmen on May 4, 2010. I have greatly appreciated your support over the past three years, and I hope that I can count on you as a supporter in my upcoming campaign.

It is hard to believe that three years have passed since I was first elected to the Board in May, 2007. In the difficult and uncertain times for our town and nation that have followed, I have made improving the lines of communication between you and your town government a priority. As a member of the Board, I have worked to bring a fresh perspective and to provide innovative leadership by:

Creating a liaison program to connect members of the Board with committee members who volunteer their time and expertise to benefit our community.
Proposing a pie chart that was included in tax bills and detailed how the town appropriated
Arranging seminars for residents on topics such as pedestrian safety and energy efficiency.
Proposing and supported greater collaboration between town boards during the budget process, and supporting long-term budget forecasting.
Creating a program to recognize long-time volunteers and employees for their service to the Town.
Serving as the chairman of the Lee Property Ad Hoc Committee and working to promote the use of this beautiful open space parcel.
Proposing that Westborough apply to become a Tree City USA, and presenting a tree bylaw that was adopted by town meeting.

I am proud to be the third generation of my family to serve in the town where I grew up, and I look forward to the possibility of continuing to serve my hometown as a member of the Board of Selectmen.. I look forward to speaking with you about your issues and concerns as the campaign progresses. Please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone at (508)-373-3152, or by email at I am working on developing a website that will be updated during the course of the campaign and is available at I hope that I can count on your support, and I look forward to the possibility of serving the people of Westborough for another three years.

Best Wishes,

Timothy A. Dodd

Sunday, August 30, 2009

November 23, 2007
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Board discusses town value decreasing, going green By Mary Shane Contributing Writer
Westborough - Chief Assessor Linda Swadel didn't have good news for the Board of Selectman at its Nov. 13 meeting.
"I'll bring it down to a nutshell," Swadel said. "I have nothing good to say. The total value of the town has decreased by $77 million, and the average single-family tax will go up $500."
According to Swadel, the reduction in value was due to a $150 million decrease in the taxable value of Astra Zeneca's personal property.
Town Coordinator Henry Danis and the selectmen agreed the town is facing a problem that needs more discussion.
"Westborough is experiencing a devaluation of the town and an increase of spending," Danis said.
Selectmen Leigh Emery agreed and suggested the topic be a future agenda item.
"We know the homeowner is feeling very crunched right now," Emery said.
Selectman Sue Abladian also expressed her concern for Westborough taxpayers.
"House prices are coming down, but taxes aren't going down," Abladian said. "People are having a hard time figuring out how much their tax bills are going to be."
Walter Kinell, a member of the Board of Assessors, said that residents should take advantage of Town Meeting to express their opinions.
"We're living beyond our means," he said. "I would suggest that this kind of info be made available to the town before the Town Meeting votes. I think we're in a critical financial situation, which doesn't come as any surprise. Most people do not take the time to come to Town Meeting to vote on what the town is spending money on."
Other business
The board unanimously voted in favor to support a single tax rate.
On the green front, Selectman Timothy Dodd showed a PowerPoint presentation outlining the Environmental Protection Agency's challenge to towns to conserve energy. It included a suggestion that the Board of Selectmen create an Energy Conservation and Use Committee to study the town's use of energy.
"Sounds very good," Abladian said. "[It] might be an interesting part of the mix of things, to have an Energy Conservation and Use Committee appointed by the Board of Selectman."
Emery agreed.
"I would like to see the selectmen take a leadership role and bring in green-minded people and build a core of people interested in greening up Westborough," Emery said. "I see this as a first step and as a robust program. [We] can be visionary enough to say we would like to have community support and participation. Maybe in two weeks we can have it as a discussion item."
Catie Foertsch, president of Westborough Public TV, introduced Maria Sheehan, the new General Manager of WTV. Foertsch also recommended the Board of Selectman appoint Bridget Casemyr to the Board of WTV, which the selectmen approved.
John Bademhausem, director of Westborough Youth and Family Services (WYFS), introduced Susan Dodd, who was unanimously approved to a three-year appointment to WYFS.
Selectman Timothy Dodd will investigate forming a liason program "to serve citizens of the town of Westborough." The first step will be "to send a letter and survey to committees we appoint and ask for [their] input." The motion was approved.
Selectman George Thompson introduced a draft of a noise ordinance and suggested publishing it for the community to discuss at the next meeting. The deadline for comments would be Monday Jan. 7, 2008, with discussion scheduled for the following day.
Also passing unanimously was a motion for the transfer of the all-alcohol license from Applebee's to Not Your Average Joes (NYAJ), scheduled to open in the current Applebee's building at 291 Turnpike Road in the spring of 2008.
NYAJ's proposed floor plan was discussed by the board and while the number of seats in the restaurant would not increase, they will be redistributed. NYAJ's has yet to receive approval of the floor plan from the building department, however, and agreed that until it does the all-alcohol license will be held by the town.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dodd Creates Successful Liaison Program

Westborough selectmen serve as liaisons to appointed boards
March 26, 2008 Westborough’s five selectmen have begun serving as liaisons to 19 of the town’s appointed boards and committees.Selectman Tim Dodd said he modeled his proposal on a practice put in place in Boxborough a few years ago. Boxborough Town Administrator Selina Shaw said having liaisons to the appointed boards “keeps the communication lines open, which is very important.”In Westborough, Dodd said his aim is to ensure that selectmen provide “leadership, not micro-management.” When surveys gauging interest in having selectmen serve as liaisons were sent out last fall, Dodd said, a characteristic response among board and committee members was, “If I wanted to get something on the [Board of Selectmen’s] agenda, I wouldn’t know how to do it.”Because of the many professionals living in Westborough, boards and committees often include people with highly relevant experience, Dodd said. The Conservation Commission, for example, has included a geologist, while a historian has served on the Historical Commission. While such individuals have expertise in their areas, Dodd said, “They might not necessarily have expertise in town government structures.”Each of Westborough’s five selectmen are serving as liaison to at least three of the boards and committees.
Written by MMA Associate Editor Mitch Evich

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dodd Votes Against Tax Increase Vote


Worcester Telegram and Gazette

By Priyanka Dayal

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WESTBORO — Selectmen last night decided to allow residents to vote this fall on a new $30 million fire and police building. Although the long-anticipated project was shovel-ready in the spring, selectmen voted to delay the project, because it would require a debt exclusion, which would force residents to pay higher taxes during a tough economy. Last night the vote was 3-2 in favor of putting the project on the warrant for the October town meeting. A separate election will be needed for a vote on the debt exclusion. Selectmen Timothy A. Dodd and Rod B. Jané voted to delay the project, saying it’s still a bad time to ask residents to pay higher taxes; Selectmen Leigh A. Emery, Lydia L. Goldblatt and George M. Thompson voted to go ahead with the project. “I think we can convince the town we need it,” said Ms. Emery, chairman of the board. The vote paved the way for the committee overseeing the project to spend $50,000 on competitive bidding. Once the bids come in, they will be valid for just 30 days. Selectmen also voted unanimously to approve the site plan for the new building, which would be an upgrade for police officers and firefighters, who currently work in cramped conditions in aging facilities. Town Manager James J. Malloy said the town has applied to a $210 million federal stimulus program for new fire stations; if selected, Westboro could receive $3 million.

Pedestrian Safety Brochure Online

The pedestrian safety brochure is now online! This brochure, drafted by Selectman Tim Dodd with assistance from the Westborough Police Department, is now online at:

The brochure is also available at the Town Hall, Police Department, Public Library, and local businesses. To request additional copies, please contact Tim at

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Achievements on the Board of Selectmen

-Establishment of Approval of the Minutes on BOS agendas.
-Creation of the BOS/committee liaison program
-Wrote job description of the Board of Selectmen
-Chaired the Lee Property ad-hoc committee
-Created a pie chart of the town's finances which was distributed with tax bills.
-Hosted a seminar on home enrgy savings through the Massachusetts Municipal Association.
-Wrote and delivered the Arbor Day Proclamation
-Advocated with the state legislature, including on the issues of police cameras at red lights and opposition to the gas tax.
-Pushed for improvements to the town website and an increase of available information.

In Progress
-Proposed tri-board for better communicaion and planning on financial issues
-Proposed customer service review
-Proposed membership in the Tree City USA program.

Town of Westborough Arbor Day Proclamation

Whenever feasible, notice shall be given and Planning Board hearings shall
be held in conjunction with those held by the Tree Warden acting under
MGL Ch. 87. The consent of the Planning Board to a proposed action shall
not be regarded as inferring consent by the Tree Warden or vice versa. The
Planning Board decision shall contain a condition that no work may be
undertaken until all applicable provisions of the Public Shade Tree Law,
MGL Ch. 87 and the Town’s General Bylaws, Chapter Six, Section 6.80
through 6.89, Removal of Non-Hazardous Shade Trees, have been
complied with.